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I take issue with the oxymoron "Hillary progressives," and I think the point could have been made that, to anyone who illogically says "I just don’t believe someone with his politics could possibly win....”— HELLO, he IS darn close to winning. He's won 21 states and 10 million+ votes; he rallies upwards of 30,000 people at a time; he's received 7.6 million contributions (41.5% of donors are 18-39 years old, 39.5% of donors are 40-64 years old!); he's invigorated a HUGE vital movement, he's popular and loved; and he's only 274 delegates behind—and THAT's with the media and DNC fighting against him HARD with suppression, false narratives, blackouts... and he couldn't possibly win? He already is. Americans ARE ready. We are SO FRIGGIN' READY that if you can't see it, you have a case of cognitive dissonance that requires therapy.

But other than that, YES....excellent piece. :) In general the author does make an excellent case on many sound bases that in fact there IS NO BASIS for the "hillary progressive" arguments.

Posted by Michael Zeleny on 21 May 2016, 05:21

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