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tribal misgivings

Why do so many otherwise decent people hate and resent the chosen people? The chosenness is burdensome, for Jews and gentiles alike. The burdens emerge at the fringes of our culture.
    In a sympathetic article on gays in the military, published in the 23 September 1993 issue of The New York Review of Books, Robert Stone cites one of the defiant letters from gays cited in Randy Shilts’ Conduct Unbecoming. The letter comes from an enraged hospital corpsman, protesting anti-gay discrimination aboard his ship. “I will no longer live a second, secret life,” the corpsman writes, “because the Navy has seen fit to adhere to an ante-diluvian, Judeo-Christian posture that no longer and never was congruent with social realism (sic).” In response, he rightly questions the extent to which the Catholics and Baptists (not to mention Jews) can be called upon to abandon their “Judeo-Christian posture”. As the ante-diluvian originator of this posture, the Jew calls forth the hatred by the morally different. These tensions first pitted the early Christians against the lions in the Colosseum. Multicultural Roman impresari who engaged these acolytes of an alien faith, formerly adopted the barbarian deities as soon as the Roman Empire incorporated their worshippers. This tradition served them well, until the recalcitrant Judeo-Christians refused to extend reciprocal worship to the images of the Imperial power. To this day, in bearing its Imperial authority to the darkest corners of our world, the Judeo-Christian faction remains uneasy in dealing with its faggots.

    In the history of loss and displacement, Michael singles out two causes for regret. In the first instance, he is sorry about his ancestors’ failure to get along with Hadrian, the Italians having been in every respect by far the fairest among their conquerors. As for the second bungle of world historical proportions, it is said that Prince Vladimir investigated the three great faiths on behalf of his subjects. He ended up adopting Christianity by default. Vladimir rejected Islam out of hand, as incompatible with the traditional Russian enjoyment of drunkenness. He then thought long and hard about adopting Judaism, with its liberal attitudes towards drink and sex. Alas, the rabbis seeking to convert Vladimir’s subjects had failed to grant the smallest dispensation from the trauma of circumcision even to the adult Russian males. It would take the boldest among counterfactual historians to outline the course of human development that might have been, had the Jews not missed the dominion of the largest land mass on this globe by the length of a foreskin.

Satyre en Atlante, Rome, époque impériale, marbre, Collection Albani MA 599
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