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Q: Who invented the SIG P210?
A: Charles Petter received patents embodied in the French military Modèle 1935 pistol in France (FR782914), Belgium (BE408077), Germany (DE686960), Switzerland (CH185452), and the United States (US2139203). SIG licensed the Petter design in 1937. It served as the starting point for the new Swiss service pistol that realized the culmination of John Moses Browning’s tilting barrel design. Max Müller, who headed SIG’s pistol design program, replaced the Browning-style swinging links used by Petter with a novel locking method using a patented kidney-shaped cutout in the lug under the chamber (CH270873, GB673028, FR1002900, and BE492638). The final credit for the SIG P210 belongs to him.
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