Michael Zeleny (larvatus) wrote,
Michael Zeleny

male bonding

    Pat Garrett: Say, I understand those Mexican señoritas are still pretty as ever down there.
    Holly: Yeah?
    Pat Garrett: Yeah. [Holly smiles.]
    Holly: Yeah.
    Luke: Yeah. [Luke smiles.]
    Billy the Kid: I know one’s waiting on you, hoss, with a knife. Remember them sisters?
    Pat Garrett: No. Which ones were they?
    Billy the Kid: That one you got up and asked how much you owed her. And she said. “Whatever you think it’s worth.” You threw a dime on her pillow. And the girl said, “If that’s all it’s worth, I might as well sew it up.” And Pat — [Billy laughs] — Pat said, “You could use a few stitches.” [Pat nods; Billy pauses; Holly and Luke laugh.] I didn’t feel she did.
    Pat Garrett: Son of a bitch. Come on, I’ll buy you a drink.
— Sam Peckinpah, Rudy Wurlitzer, Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid, 1973
Tags: bullshit, friends, sex, sodomy, tasteless

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