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  • Sun, 15:47: No wonder the Half Moon closed down. You can only snub so much of your core constituency.... https://t.co/Pd5VH1VnSa
  • Sun, 16:51: “How did you go bankrupt?” Bill asked. “Two ways,” Mike said. “Gradually and then suddenly.” — Ernest Hemingway, The Sun Also Rises, 1926
  • Sun, 16:52: I broke bad the day my father burned in a fire that started in 2 places at once, 3 years & 5 months after sprouting my 1st crack on 9/11.
  • Sun, 16:54: I broke bad gradually & then suddenly: 8 years of assclowning—gradually; 18 days of watching my father die—suddenly. https://t.co/ehCTXljgMI
  • Sun, 17:06: An asshole differs from an assclown: as cutting in line, from broaching rear entry; as arrogating privileges, from reclaiming rights.
  • Sun, 17:23: All you giving up rights to line up for the sake of craven politeness: do as I do, or hope & pray to catch up with me on the other side.
  • Sun, 17:40: All you frantically boarding up the rear entry: stock up on glue & lube, ere you get fisted & splintered.
  • Sun, 17:44: metagraph to an anniversary https://t.co/lxLCI7Emhr
  • Sun, 17:45: metagraph to an anniversary https://t.co/bmbBQhukwC
  • Sun, 22:33: https://t.co/EJikelRaR8
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