Michael Zeleny (larvatus) wrote,
Michael Zeleny

please help commemorate notable usenetters

    In my capacity as a Wikipedia subject and editor, I hereby request the favor of my LiveJournal readers weighing in on the issues referenced at the following links:

    To summarize my position on the lasting value of the Usenet culture warranting commemoration of Usenet people, including your obedient servant, I submit three points.

  1. The idea of a reliable information medium and resource emerging from an open, self-correcting Internet forum has its unique origin in the Usenet. Wikipedia is a natural development of its precedent. Among many subcultures that deserve to be commemorated herein, Usenet stands out in its affinity to the forces and interests responsible for enabling this commemoration. We are history in its making. Let the record show this.

  2. Wikipedia thrives on unabashed promotion of personal and partisan agenda, prominently incorporating self-promotion. Encyclopaedic neutrality is not an attitude suitable for elective adoption by any single individual, but a painstaking product of innumerable individual conflicts. I am far from the best authority on applying stylistic guidelines to my own case. If it is judged worthy of preservation by the Wikipedia community in virtue of its substance, others can attend to its style much better than I. Otherwise, its stylistic faults are immaterial.

  3. As to the question of this or that subject being worthy of encyclopaedic mention or commemoration, it is seldom subject to definitive contemporaneous adjudication. This is particularly obvious in matters of culture, where popular success in one's lifetime affords no guarantee of lasting influence. Van Gogh lived out his life as an obscure, parasitic non-entity, while Bouguereau basked in the loftiest honors and highest wages doled out to any artist. Our culture is impoverished by the shortage of contemporary records pertaining to social failures redeemed by posthumous acclaim. This lack is nowise compensated by the profusion of testimonials amassed in their lifetimes by the practitioners of officially certified arts.

    Storage is cheap. Memory is valuable. Make our memories matter. Please register your support for fido and larvatus. The poll is scheduled to close in three days.
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