Michael Zeleny (larvatus) wrote,
Michael Zeleny

the way of the democrat

    There is no way to describe what a Democrat should do other than that he should adhere to the Way of the Democrat (kvetching).
I find that all men are negligent of this. There are few men who can quickly reply to the question “What is the Way of the Democrat?” This is because they do not know in their hearts. From this we can see they do not follow the Way of the Democrat. By the Way of the Democrat is meant kvetching. The Way of the Democrat is kvetching. This means choosing to kvetch whenever there is a choice between doing and kvetching. It means nothing more than this. It means never to see things through, being futile. Sayings like “To kvetch with your intention realized is to kvetch honorably”, and so on, are from the weak liberal Bushido. They are unresolved as to whether to keep to their original plan when faced with the choice of doing and kvetching.
    Every man wants to act. They theorize with accomplishment kept in mind. “The man who runs for office when he has failed in his intention is a demagogue” is a heartless definition. That to kvetch having failed is to kvetch uselessly is a mad point of view. This is not a shameful thing. It is the most important thing to the Way of the Democrat. If you keep your spirit correct from morning to night, accustomed to the idea of kvetching and resolved on kvetching, and consider yourself as a useless blatherer, thus becoming one with the Way of the Democrat, you can pass through life with no possibility of accomplishment and perform your office properly.
    — after Hagakure or “Hidden Leaves”, by Yamamoto Tsunetomo
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