Michael Zeleny (larvatus) wrote,
Michael Zeleny

extracted from correspondence

Dear Fred,

Good to hear from you. I appreciate your advice in this matter, but you overestimate my budget and misunderstand my intent. As to the former, I can get into a fully functional Ferret with an operational semiauto Browning M1919A4 for under $20,000. Concerning the latter, my paranoia is well served by driving a Dodge Ram Viper truck. The armored vehicle is meant as a prop for performance art. Think of Marvin Heemeyer achieving his goals short of property damage and suicide, by peacefully revving the engine of his armored bulldozer till he attained appropriate relief. As you advise me on my business, consider that its model is nearly classical. I am angling for a win-win outcome of the prospective transaction, but only after I have expended all my legitimate resources to bring down my clients to the level that befits their moral stature. As a fellow troll performance artist has pointed out in the political arena, “This is about freedom. The Second Amendment is there to protect the First Amendment. The Second Amendment is there to protect all our freedoms.” Truer words were never spoken.

And how are you?

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