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  • last rites, first aid

    A man walks into a backwoods bar in Kentucky and orders a cosmopolitan. The bartender looks the man over and says, “Not from ’round…

  • the rectification of names

    子路曰:「衛君待子而為政,子將奚先?」 子曰:「必也正名乎!」 子路曰:「有是哉?子之迂也!奚其正?」 子曰:「野哉,由也!君子於其所不知,蓋闕如也。 名不正,則言不順;言不順,則事不成; 事不成,則禮樂不興;禮樂不興,則刑罰不中;刑罰不中,則民無所措手足故。…

  • history and law: from rhetoric to reason

    —for Carlo Ginzburg 1. In his comparison of poetry to history, Aristotle points out that their difference is not one between verse and…

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