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  • Wed, 05:39: "In the 1950s, European filmmakers, when their films were going to be made for both a Russian and American... http://t.co/M5qWnlxw9k
  • Wed, 05:45: In unrelated news, sales of Anonymous masks have surged. http://t.co/cXOsAF5Cmg
  • Wed, 06:01: Законы сохранения утверждают сегодняшнее выдвижение очередного окололитературного мудака.
  • Wed, 06:21: The going rate for banging your offspring is $100 million, as established by Min Zhu. Just sayin'. http://t.co/TAE0ZOxE13
  • Wed, 07:07: Egypt’s “self-aggrandizing military that has mostly known defeat in foreign battle”, is suppressing Islamists out... http://t.co/JozK9XdMx1
  • Wed, 07:23: As Michael Lewis points out in his account of malicious prosecution of Sergey Aleynikov, Goldman Sachs has used... http://t.co/i3zZhXe1F5
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