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  • Mon, 15:52: ἐρωτηθεὶς δέ ποτε ἄχρι τίνος εἰσὶν οἱ τῆς Λακωνικῆς ὅροι, τὸ δόρυ κραδάνας εἶπεν ‘ἄχρις οὗ τοῦτο φθάνοι.’ ἄλλου... http://t.co/DBij3gtFTT
  • Mon, 17:55: I mean that existing case law clearly implies an inevitable outcome under the First Amendment. Then again, the same… http://t.co/ooeNPcVgg0
  • Mon, 18:02: I cannot dispute your experience, but hereabouts this dog won’t hunt. No offense to Old Europe, but guarantees… http://t.co/XLilSwHFb5
  • Mon, 18:06: Thanks for your kind reading. I’m working on similar studies of the Korriphila HSP701 autopistol and Manurhin… http://t.co/g3aXLntrFc
  • Mon, 18:14: Yes, but our judiciary branch being empowered to review the constitutionality of laws within its adversarial system,… http://t.co/g33FoXPJD3
  • Mon, 19:53: I take issue with the fundamental premiss of defining an asshole as somebody who is immunized against the claims... http://t.co/Agi2gG8Bve
  • Tue, 04:14: As I said, the First Amendment ensures your inalienable right to cry wolf in lieu of doing legal research that would… http://t.co/lcO42e5War
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