Michael Zeleny (larvatus) wrote,
Michael Zeleny

assholes and elbows

Geoffrey Nunberg: “You rarely, almost never, hear a woman being described as an asshole for doing to a man what a man would be called an asshole for doing to a woman. So, I think that there are lots of cases where we ought to call women assholes in the name of gender equity, where we don’t.”

Witness Bill Clinton, the liberal counterpart to Ronald Reagan, a fuckwit of the first water promoted to irreproachable moral authority, all the better to rub in the imbecility of his adherents. Yet Margaret Thatcher, his Tory equivalent, gets called an asshole orders of magnitude less often.

But never mind gender equity. Only women have cunts. Both men and women get called cunts. Both men and women have assholes. Only men get called assholes. Where’s the logic?
Tags: assholes, cunt, language, men, women

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