Michael Zeleny (larvatus) wrote,
Michael Zeleny

the philosopher’s curse

    It befits a man to live out his disease. Michael calls it The Philosopher’s Curse: being immeasurably better suited to dismantling enterprises than constructing them.
    He recalls being accosted in the Union Square on the second night of his protest. One of his inquisitors is a strategic partner of WebEx.
    — What do you think you have accomplished?
    — Proof positive that a child molester cannot have his way with a 47 year old man through the means that compel a 14 year old girl.
    — Are you out to uphold abstract justice?
    — Not in this instance. The victim has aligned herself with her rapist. In fact, she seems to have persuaded herself to enjoy her father’s sexual abuse while it was taking place. I don’t care if they swive happily ever after.
    — So why are you doing it?
    — Because I refuse to live my life with the expectation of a threat executed by an incestuous sociopath. I am a Russian Jew. Over half of my immediate family suffered violent death. I am determined to resist following their pattern.
    — How will you do it?
    — Self-defense is an art I cultivate. I will not strike the first blow. Till then, the peaceful means at my disposal will suffice to oppose the threat. As they say in the old country, if the enemy fails to surrender, he gets destroyed.
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