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sig p210 prices

The P210 has been out of production since December of 2005. According to Fjestad’s 2004 Blue Book of Gun Values, the last MSRP at that time was $2,695.00 for the P210-6 and $3,031.00 for the extended barrel P210-5, with a $124.00 premium charged for the P210-6S and P210-5S versions with a lateral magazine release. The top of the line, polished P210-1 cost $1,861.00 in 2002, whereas the basic sandblasted P210-2 model cost $1,680.00. According to the Swiss price list of 1986 reproduced by Armbruster, at the time one could buy a P210-1 for 2,620.00 CHf, a P210-2 for 1,765.00 and a 65.00 CHf surcharge for wood stocks, a P210-5 for 2,600.00 CHf likewise, a P210-6 for 1,895.00 CHf likewise, with a 10.00 CHf or a 245.00 CHf surcharge for a contrast or a micrometer sight, and a P210-L for 5,920.00 CHf to 9,345.00 CHf, depending on the engraving pattern and stock carving. The Swiss Frank exchange rate ranged between 1.66 and 2.00 CHf per dollar in 1986. As of today, it is about 1.02 CHf per dollar.

The current availability of spare parts for the P210 in Europe is as follows. Swiss Arms stocks centerfire magazines, plastic Hi-Grips and checkered walnut stocks, and a full complement of sights and accessories therefor. Additionally, Wyss has trigger springs, 120mm barrels in 9mm Para, and aftermarket micrometer rear sights made by Swiss gunsmith Stefan Dobler and recently approved for use in the Swiss service pistol competitions, whereas Lagardere has 120mm barrels in 7.65 Para and 9x21 IMI, 150mm barrel assemblies in 9 Para, factory pattern walnut stocks, and magazines for .22 l.r. conversion kits. These parts are very costly at the moment. For example, Swiss Arms and their authorized dealers in Switzerland offer the OEM micrometer rear sight for 380.00 CHf, or around $375.00 according to the current exchange rate, whereas the asking price for the LPA and Dobler sights in Germany is 128.00 Euros or around $191.00. A few years back new old stock 120mm P210 barrels sold online for around $200.00 apiece, or $350.00 for the 150mm barrel assembly with a Patridge front sight mounted in a removable carrier. Today, fair prices for the same parts are upwards of $800.00 and $1,300.00, respectively. While retail prices are lower in Europe, the costs of importing a single part regulated by European law and ATF import division alike are prohibitive. All inbound foreign gun parts shipments containing rifled barrels and/or valued at over $100.00 are subject to import licensing by the BATF. In my experience, these regulations are enforced vigorously but fairly. Violate them not only at your own risk, but to the common detriment of your fellow enthusiasts. A litany of import and export licenses, shipping, and duty along with a summary of my importing experience, linked to relevant online resources, is posted here. The correct English, French, and German designations of SIG P210 parts can be found here, accompanied by my notes on their fit, function, and variations. 
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