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yee yon hopped to bellevue


All the Way from “San Flancisclo” Looking for His Wife.

The New York Times, September 20, 1904, Tuesday

    Yee Yon Ying, gorgeous in a purple silk blouse, with tasseled cap, upon the front of which was a round, red knob that suggested a mandarin of the button, appeared at Bellevue yesterday afternoon.
Nobody knew where Yee Yon Ying came from, or how he passed the hospital gateman. His gorgeous apparel lent an air of Oriental mysticism to his appearance when he suddenly slipped from behind a tree and said to Roundsman Smith:
    “H-h-h’lo!” gasped Smith. “Wh-where did you come from?”
    “Yes, you.”
    “San Flancisclo.”
    “How did you get here?”
    “Here?” pointing to the ground.
    “Yes—here!” shouted Smith, who felt nervous.
    “Me just hoppee ’long.”
    “From San Francisco? You must be strong on hopping, or I am on the hop myself.”
    “Oh,” said Yee Yon Yin, blandly, “me hoppee all place, all tlime.”
    Smith wiped the perspiration from his brow and tried to lay the apparition to his luncheon.
    “What do you want, anyway?”
    “Oh, don’t ‘me’ me any more,” Smith gasped. “Answer me direct. What do you want? Yes—you!”
    “Me lookee find me wife. Me no see her. Me hoppee back San Flansisclo.”
    “Don’t hop just yet,” Smith said. “Wait.”
    The Roundsman rushed to the psychopathic ward and found Dr, Gregory. When Smith returned, bringing the doctor, Yee Yon Ying was standing on a pathway looking at the blue sky.
    “You see that?” queried the Roundsman, anxiously.
    “The chink?” said Dr. Gregory.
    Smith heaved a sign of relief and got up enough courage to grip the solid substance of Yee Yon Ying, as the Chinaman said his name was, and take him to the pavilion.
    There the mysterious Celestial made the remark that when he did find his wife he would be obliged for the loan of a pistol. Dr. Gregory is keeping him under surveillance as to his sanity.
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