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  • for the anonymous troll

    Over sixteen twenty years online, I have received a broad spectrum of threats and pitches, and entertained a commensurate range of slurs and…

  • michael crichton: why speculate?

    THE GREAT IDEAS ONLINE July 2005 № 332 WHY SPECULATE? A talk by Michael Crichton There are two times in a man’s life when he…

  • the last biggest lie

    What are the five biggest lies? “The check is in the mail.” “I won’t come in your mouth.” “Some of my best…

  • coming attractions

    “ A normal person who does insane things on the internet” is an oxymoron. We all are a little bit insane, in our online capacities. What separates…

  • dead from the waist down

    Joel Marks is concerned with the sort of desire that we would want if we were absolutely convinced that there was no such thing as moral right and…

  • the profit of stupidity

    William Shakespeare, ventriloquizing via Queen Gertrude: “More matter, with less art.” Mies van der Rohe, echoing Robert Browning’s Andrea del…

  • colonic dispensation

    Colin Powell is graciously endorsing our lawbreaking in the wake of his sainted example. I like that! What kind of wimp needs our Founding Fathers…

  • nomenclature

    My only excuse for having two personal assistants is calling them executives in training.

  • le bon historien, la mauvaise critique

    In regard of two paragraphs read yesterday: Furet’s reference to “the imaginary” seems to derive in a loose way from the…

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