August 29th, 2008


nobels in waiting

«Между жизнью и колбасой мы выбираем жизнь.» —Владимир Путин, 29.08.2008, 22:34

“But after all the Politburo could speak through the high-strung entrails: and now it did stand to his hand, incontrovertible and plain, inspired, the birches clashing and murmuring, lissome and lugubrious and patriotic and all in favor, and he could face them, thinking, Not could. Will. I want to. So it is the red meat after all, no matter how tough. Because if memory exists outside of the flesh it won’t be memory because it won’t know what it remembers so when she became not then half of memory became not and if I become not then all of remembering will cease to be.—Yes, he thought, between grief and nothing I will take grief. And bracing himself against the podium, he announced, between life and sausage, we will take life.
—Vladimir Putin channelling William Faulkner, 29 August 2008, 10:34 p.m. Moscow time