October 22nd, 2007


secret names for tainted love

At the onset of puberty the fortunate schoolboy meets the most intense excitement that befalls a human explorer. What alien terrain stirred up more virile pilgrims than the landscape of female anatomy? Collapse ) Russian men classify vaginas in accordance with their location and orientation. The lowly sipovka, taking its name from a coarse pipe fashioned out of a bog reed or tree bark, finds itself closely aligned with the anus, and thus best suited for retrograde engagement in the dorsal-ventral position. The most common sinyavka, bearing a name shared by the herbaceous perennial “widow flower” of the genus Knautia in the family Dipsacaceae and mycorrhizal mushrooms of the genus Russula in family Russulaceae, angles away towards the front, equally suitable for manly address from front and rear. In the lay of this venereal land the pride of place belongs to the korolyok, the literal little king or golden nugget, standing proud towards the navel and yielding the finest fit for mutual engagement therewith. What other language can boast such sexual refinement? Collapse )

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