January 25th, 2007


fresh supplies of sexy beasts

A British zoo announced yesterday that virgin birth of five Komodo dragons does not add up to a quintuplet reptile messiah.

A baby Komodo dragon is held by a keeper after hatching at Chester Zoo in Chester, northern England, January 22, 2007. Flora, a Komodo dragon who has never mated or even mixed with a male, became a mother and father of five this week, British scientists said on Wednesday.
REUTERS/Phil Noble
In unrelated news, science sheepishly pledges to empower identification of embryonic homosexuals, instilling fears that prospective parents hopeful of grandparenthood might abort foeti who are identified as such. Collapse ) When will science deliver the red-blooded male’s prerogative, a woman who sucks and fucks till midnight and then turns into a pizza and a six-pack?