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“must haves” from neuhausen and murgenthal

For the dedicated SIG collector, here are two lots from the upcoming Hermann Historica auction to be conducted on Monday and Tuesday, 6-7 October 2008. Telephone bids are accepted up to 24 hours before the beginning of bidding. I have saved for our posterity all lot descriptions and high resolution images graciously provided by the auction house.

Lot Nr.2604:
A Mannlicher Mod. 1896/1897 (“Österr. Mauser”), calibre 7.65 Mannlicher, no. 50. Bright bore, barrel length 120 mm. Looped front sight. 6-shot. Manufactured by Schweizerische Industriegesellschaft, Neuhausen. Bern proof mark on barrel root: “BP”. No further inscriptions or names. Blowback system. Side cocking lever on right side of housing. Complete original finish with storage marks, only handled with utmost care. Lock and small parts polished white. Matching-numbered dark walnut grip panels with fine chequering. Lanyard loop. Magazine no. 27. Extremely rare pistol in almost new condition.
Erwerbsscheinpflichtig. Condition: I- Limit: 6000 EURO

Lot Nr.2619:
The SIG P 210 pistol “La Gazza Ladra”, calibre 9 mm Parabellum, named “La Gazza Ladra”. Based on Gioachino Rossini’s (1792-1868) opera semiseria La Gazza Ladra (The Thieving Magpie). The Swiss silver and gunsmith Vivian Mueller created this unique weapon. The left grip panel shows the opera’s main character, the maid Ninetta, whereas the right one follows the theme of the opera by presenting a magpie. The engravings have been cut al fresco, the gilded areas are burnished by way of a diamond crown. Applying the so-called PVD method (physical vapour deposit) Titan and gold vapors were deposited in a high-vacuum in order to create a deep blue gleaming surface. Thanks to this method the weapon need not be oiled or otherwise protected against corrosion.
The pistol was the first prize in a competition commemorating the 35th anniversary of DWJ (Deutsches Waffen Journal no. 8/2000), which is mentioned on a badge inside the accompanying root wood case.
Vivian Mueller from Mueller Murgenthal Ltd. belongs to the international elite of arms refiners. His works can be found both in Buckingham Palace as in possession of the Sultan of Brunei. Apart from this pistol his most famous masterpieces are “Helvetia” (DWJ 12/99) and “Doppelte Lottchen” (Lottie and Lisa), (DWJ 3/99). As new unique specimen.
Erwerbsscheinpflichtig. Condition: I Limit: 20000 EURO

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