Michael Zeleny (larvatus) wrote,
Michael Zeleny

world’s shortest books

  1. Let Us Honor Great Italian War Heroes;

  2. Two Millennia of German Humanism;

  3. A Manual of French Hygiene;

  4. Recognizing British Heterosexuality;

  5. A Field Guide to Great American Lovers;

  6. Mastering Russian Table Manners;

  7. A Treasury of Polish Wit and Wisdom;

  8. The Secrets of Iranian Diplomacy;

  9. Iron Rules of Chinese Business Ethics;

  10. Side-Splitting Japanese Jokes;

  11. Loving Your Neighbors the Greek Way;

  12. Jewish Ways of Happiness; and

  13. Negroes I Have Met While Yachting.

Tags: bigotry, persiflage

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