Michael Zeleny (larvatus) wrote,
Michael Zeleny

tokarev tt-33 pistol disassembly

1. Remove the magazine. Draw back the slide to eject any cartridge in the chamber. Using the back edge of the bottom plate of the magazine as a tool, pull back hard on the slide stop retainer clip (DD) until it releases. Then push the slide stop (Y) through from right to left.
2. Draw the slide off the front of the frame slowly. As soon as the recoil spring is exposed, hold it up against the barrel to prevent it from bending out of the slide. While holding the recoil spring in place, grasp the recoil sprig guide (AA) and push it toward the muzzle, while lifting it free of the barrel lug.
3. The barrel bushing (JJ) can now be turned 180 degrees and then lifted free of the slide. The barrel (II) can now be pulled out the front of the slide. This method of "take down" will be found much simpler than the one usually recommended for the take down of similar Browning type pistols.
4. The grips on these weapon are held on with a latch arrangement. Holding the gun as shown a T-shaped piece of steel can be seen. Reach in with a screw driver and push the T-shaped piece toward the rear of the gun grip. The left-hand grip can now be removed by pushing against the inside surface. Do not attempt to pry  the grip from  the outside-the plastic is a very low grade and will chip along the edges.
5. The hardest section on this gun to disassemble is the hammer group, but after removing the hammer spring retainer pin (N), the other pins may be removed easily. To reassemble, replace all parts but the hammer spring. Using a screw driver or tool shown in the insert, depress the spring (I) deep enough to allow the pin (N) to hold it. Then tap the pin all the way through.
6. The firing pin and magazine catch are retained by split pins. These split pins (HH) and (W) can be removed with the aid of the tool shown. This tool forces the pin to close up so that it may be pushed out easily. If an attempt is made to drive the pins out with a flat-end punch, they may be broken or badly deformed.

Restored from the expired page by Marstar.ca.
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